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Organic Popcorn

Tea & Coffee


From our Fields

Organic Popcorn

In addition to popcorn, we also have popcorn kernel in our assortment, from which you can prepare delicious popcorn at home by yourself.

Yummy and healthy is what we all desire!


Our Company is proud to bring you a selection of organic teas as a part of our commitment to sustainable farming and healthy Living.

We invite you to taste our selection of organic chamomile, rosehip and mint teas to indulge in the greatest flavors found in nature.

Organic Tea & Coffee

Taste the deep aroma of our best organic teas & coffee – a treat for  body and soul.


Tea Subscription

Get our monthly package of organically sourced Tea’s.


Organic Teas

Cups served

Certified Organic Flours for
Optimal Baking Performance.

Our 100% certified organic flour is milled from pure, high quality grains grown at our own fields, with over 10 varieties of flour, from rye and wheat, to spelt and buckwheat.

Organic Flour

Always choose certified organic flours for optimal baking performance, as well as for greener and better environment.

From our Fields

Organic fruits & vegetables fresh from our fields.